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Born Bukola Elemide, Aṣa was born in Paris, France to her Nigerian parents. Her family returned to live in Nigeria when she was two. Aṣa grew up in a small town near Lagos, in the south-western part of Nigeria. Twenty years later, Aṣa returned to Paris where her life as an artist took off.


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    • Hayur Barmhe
      2018-04-18 09:00:46 Reply
    • Ajayi Tolu
      great music Asa
      2018-04-17 09:19:05 Reply
    • santus alsina
      2018-04-01 06:13:00 Reply
    • Favour Ojo
      Asha is like a twin sis... People call me Asha... I love your songs so much ma'am. I wish am opportune to see you.
      2018-04-01 04:26:55 Reply
    • kins
      You are a wonderful singer
      2018-03-29 06:27:23 Reply
    • Jemmy_Jrumz
      Wow... Asa trust me ma'am you are thr best Africa has ever produced... Your songs are pure Soul music Your songs inspire me a lot.. I can just do wihout not singing or listening to it every day... Can't wait to finally meet you in person Love you ma'am [0x1f641][0x2728]
      2018-03-29 06:16:57 Reply
    • Young Khalifa
      So in love with her. The love grows literally every day. Praying for the I finally get to meet her in place.
      2018-03-28 03:39:07 Reply
    • Olivia Jane
      I just love her voice.. it's raw natural
      2018-03-26 06:46:56 Reply
    • Iamchy
      is just all i can say right now
      2018-03-22 07:34:34 Reply
    • ashydar
      love ur music
      2018-03-21 06:20:06 Reply
    • Beacon McBarnor
      love your music
      2018-03-18 09:30:39 Reply
    • akinshola
      good enough
      2018-03-14 10:43:28 Reply
    • Fhai_vooh
      Asa is the best nigerian female soul musician the whole africa could ever produce
      2018-03-11 02:22:20 Reply
    • Abou Outsider Wele
      Asa is my better
      2018-03-07 05:37:01 Reply
    • Boluwateefeh Olorunsola
      Killer Asa.. U inspire me .. I want to sing like you
      2018-02-21 04:43:46 Reply
    • Jennifer Callaham
      will need more form you dear
      2018-02-19 02:38:01 Reply
    • Camara Fode
      2018-02-12 08:05:07 Reply
      keep moving on Asa
      2018-02-07 07:43:21 Reply
    • stellz
      keep moving on Asa
      2018-02-07 07:43:21 Reply
    • Nu June
      She's makes spiritual music She's an angel to me I play her when am ready to go to bed I Let her sing Me to sleep
      2018-01-27 10:46:26 Reply
    • jibrilajibola
      this music is very nice
      2018-01-14 04:02:41 Reply

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