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Do you listen to music when you study? Are you searching for songs to help you study better? If yes, then look no further! Compiled below is a collection of calm, classic and peaceful music that’s guaranteed to help you have the most productive study sessions.

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    • Manuel Banks
      2017-05-26 09:38:06 Reply
    • Ibrahim1222 Adamu
      I really enjoy them....nice once
      2017-05-08 11:10:34 Reply
    • Hassan Gwadabe Daura
      so sweet
      2017-04-24 09:19:05 Reply
    • Aramidhey
      Indeed @chinex is right... It is pretty loud, when reading you need something with rhythm to help you flow with what you're reading not something loud.
      2017-04-07 07:13:37 Reply
    • محمد امام
      2017-03-31 07:54:20 Reply
    • hauwee41@gmail
      It's so impressing, i really love it
      2017-03-27 07:26:50 Reply
    • Mr Fid
      2017-03-20 08:46:21 Reply
    • Chinex
      this are lovely songs. but no the best I was expecting, the first song was a bit loud compared to the level songs of playlist like dis should be. I also think something should be done concerning the inability to access foreign songs, cos I cant. I like the idea of promoting our own country's song (Nigerian). but I still think no we should have options to delve into other countries song. for this kind of playlist (Study) if I had the chance to lay my hands on song that I know, hmm this your playlist won't be compared to it.
      2017-03-17 01:16:53 Reply
    • Amira Ramadan Ezd
      2017-03-11 06:23:13 Reply
    • ssb_bii_cash
      2017-03-10 02:26:17 Reply
    • Camillus Ezzim
      2017-03-05 11:55:46 Reply
    • Charsis
      2017-03-02 06:40:17 Reply
      lovely collections
      2016-12-14 10:02:27 Reply
    • Charsis
      2017-03-02 06:39:19 Reply
      Ana Dede
      Ilove it
      2017-01-27 09:46:43 Reply
    • Jessica
      2017-03-02 01:26:20 Reply
    • AbdEl Whab
      2017-02-27 10:57:07 Reply
    • Samuel Chionye
      2017-02-25 12:08:25 Reply
    • Affor Francis Se
      so lovely
      2017-02-19 05:34:53 Reply
    • tiko rogatien
      2017-02-19 09:13:33 Reply
    • Rexi Jade
      I love it but how can i download foreign tracks
      2017-02-15 01:19:09 Reply
    • Sunije
      so lovely
      2017-02-10 06:20:53 Reply

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