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What is Boom Player?

Boom Player is a free digital content (Music & Video) application that allows music lovers to access a huge catalogue of music and videos from African and International artists. The contents are available for streaming and download.

How can I get the application?

The Boom Player application is pre-installed on all TECNO smart devices that were launched after March 2015. Below is a list of the TECNO devices that come with Boom Player pre-installed.

How does the Boom Player app work?

The Boom Player app lets you Stream, Download and Share Music & Videos of your favourite artists from a huge library of unlimited music and video content using your mobile data or WiFi. You can also adjust the sound effect by using the Equalizer feature.

What is the difference between Streaming, Download and Offline Play?

Streaming is when you listen to music/videos on Boom Player using your internet connection.
Download is when you pay to own the music/videos which are then saved on your phone or memory card. These can be transferred to other devices .
Offline Play is similar to Download but is only possible with an active subscription. Content gotten for offline play cannot be transferred to other devices.

What services are available within the app?

Services available within a app are streaming, downloads, live radio (Nigeria & Kenya & Tanzania only), comments, share, daily lucky draw, equalizer, timer etc.

How can I pay for music/videos?

Coins are used to purchase music/videos from the app and you can recharge your Coins by:
1.  Afmobi Recharge Card
2.  Airtime
3.  Paga (Verve, Visa & MasterCard)
4.  Playing the Daily Lucky Draw to win free Coins
Please note that 1 Coin costs 1 Naira.

How do I discover new music through the application?

You can discover new music right from the ‘Discover’ page using any of the menus provided: Slider, Recommended, Genres, Artists, Hot, Top or New. You can also use the ‘Search’ menu based on artist names, track and album names.

How can I create an account on the app?

You can create an account by simply opening the application, tap on ‘My Music’ in the top right corner, tap the ‘Log in’ icon and then ‘New Here? Sign up’ to create your account. You can also create an account with Facebook , Twitter or Palmchat.

My app is no longer working?

Ensure your device is connected to the internet and that you have the latest version of the application. Confirm this by navigating to ‘Settings’ - ‘Update’ on the App. Also try to restart the phone and the Boom Player application. If your app is still not working after doing all these, please send a message to

Forgot my password?

It’s easy. Navigate to the ‘Log in’ page on the application, tap ‘Forgot Password?’, enter your registered phone number and tap ‘Get Code’ which you can use to log in again and then change your password.

Where do I find my downloaded music/videos?

Navigate to ‘My Music’ page and then ‘Downloads’. All other music/videos on your memory or SD card will be automatically synchronized to ‘Local Files’ on ‘My Music’ page.

Can I transfer or share music/videos bought from the app?

All content (Music/Videos) bought from the app are stored on your phone’s memory or SD card so you can transfer to your other devices if you so desire.
Also, all the music on your phone will be automatically synchronized unto the Boom Player thereby making Boom Player your default music player.

I am an artist, how do I get my music on the platform?

Please email
Alternatively, come down to our office at
Nigeria: 4th Floor Digital Square, 20 Awolowo Way, Ikeja. Lagos State.


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